November 5, 2014

Thank You!

The result last night was not what any of us wanted, nor one many of us expected. However, our work for a better and more inclusive North Carolina continues.

I want to thank all the poll observers, poll greeters, women-to-women post card writers, canvassers, phone bankers, early vote coordinators, precinct officers, donors, candidates and elected officials who made our success in Orange County possible. Because of you we were able to reach a record number of voters and because of you we increased turn out during early voting and on Election Day.

While we’re all disappointed in the result for Senator Hagan, last night’s election showed that North Carolina remains in play for the fifth election cycle in a row. We are truly a battle ground state and there is much work to be done. We have a presidential race, a governor’s race, and yes, another U.S. Senate race in 2016.

Take time off and relax, because soon we’ll be getting back to work!


Matt Hughes, Chair

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November 4, 2014

Election Time Is Here!

The polls are now open! If you haven’t already taken advantage of early voting you have until 7:30pm to have your voice heard in this critical election.

Click the button below to find your polling place.

Below is a list of Democratic candidates that will be on the ballot and are endorsed by the OCDP. Please remember to vote in each race as straight party ticketing was elimianted by the General Assembly. Each vote counts, especially the judges!

You do not need a voter ID to vote in this election.

If you need a ride to the poll , please call 919-933-9662. If you have an issue at the polls, please call the Voter Protection Hotline at 844-NC Votes (844-628-6837).

Let’s go out and WIN this election.

PS – We hope to see you at R&R Grill (137 E Franklin St, Chapel Hill) after the polls close.

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November 4, 2014

Join the Orange County Democrats at our Victory Party!

OCDP Party

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October 21, 2014

Rally for Common Sense featuring Laura Fjeld

Laura Fjeld Rally

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October 4, 2014

Important Election Dates & Early Voting Schedule

Important Dates

  • September 5 – Absentee Ballots by mail are available
  • October 10 – Registration books close
  • October 23 – Early Voting begins.
  • October 28 – Last day to request ballot by mail.
  • November 1 – Early Voting ends.
  • November 4 – Absentee by-mail ballots must be returned by 5:00 p.m.
  • November 4 – ELECTION DAY. Polls are open 6:30am – 7:30pm.

2014 Early Vote Schedule

Starts: Thursday, October 23 at all sites
Saturday, November 1 at 1 pm; all sites

BOE Other Sites
Thurs, 10/23 8 – 6 12 – 7
Fri, 10/24 8 – 6 12 – 6
Sat, 10/25 9 – 2 9 – 2
Mon, 10/27 8 – 6 12 – 7
Tues, 10/28 8 – 6 12 – 7
Wed, 10/29 8 – 6 12 – 7
Thurs, 10/30 8 – 6 12 – 7
Fri, 10/31 9 – 6 12 – 6
Sat, 11/1 9 – 1 9 – 1


  • Orange County Board of Elections (BOE), 208 S. Cameron St, Hillsborough
  • Masters Garden Preschool, 7500 Schley Rd, Hillsborough
  • Seymour Senior Center, 2551 Homestead Rd, Chapel Hill
  • North Carolina Hillel, 210 W. Cameron Ave, Chapel Hill
  • Carrboro Town  Hall, 301 W. Main Street, Carrboro

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